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Dread diary; Day 8: my babies are frizzy as shit, and I may have lost my crochet hook. I’ll fix them up today. Also, maybe I wear too much tye dye. #isthatevenathing #dreadlocks #dreads #frizzymess #tyedyeeverywhere #stilllovethem #dreaddiary
Father’s Day; 2014.

Shit went down in mid-March with my dad, step mom and two of my brothers. I hadn’t been to see my dad since before anything happened, and today was the first day since.
Today was a learning experience for me. To not wait to see someone who loves you and needs you, despite how hard it may be to face them. Because after all that he put himself through, and for all that was forced onto him, my dad is still one of the strongest and bravest men, or people in general, that I know. He was my primary caregiver for most of my life, not that mom was a dead beat or anything, but with how things were, my folks just generally worked A LOT when I was growing up, to support me and my 3 siblings at the time. I’ve now only ever seen this man cry twice in my almost 21 years; when his father died, and when he told me today.. that he’s tried to commit suicide, recently. As much as I thought I hated and resented him for so long, he’s done so much for me over the years, and no matter what he does, I will always be daddy’s girl.
To the only man I’ll ever love; thank you. And I’m sorry I didn’t go see you sooner.


Reflections in Yosemite (by Taylor McCutchan)

Jeremy Piehler

Calfing Glacier - Global Warming? (by Len Radin)

So according to some ignorant twats on here, you can’t be white and have dreads? Because it ruins the culture?
Your ignorance ruins what culture is left on Earth. Shut your mouth and fix your own shit before you try to down someone else’s.
I forgot how ridiculous some people were, ffs.
I still love them, and couldn’t be happier with them.

Dread diary day 2: They look awesome. Definitely a good choice. Couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. #redhead #dreads #dreadlocks #diary #daytwo #hair #mane #tattoo #ouija #spacers
Started a new journey with my mane of #redhair today. I actually couldn’t be happier with how they turned out, and I cannot wait for my new #dreads to settle and mature. Thank you to Cassie and Rachel for your dedicated 9 hours. I love them lots. #dreadlocks #redhead #somanyhours #soworthitall #sohappytohavethese
A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other.(via daisies-in-her-hairr)

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